Road Trip 2007

The car was packed ...
Goodbyes were said ...

And it was time to go. Colorado, here we come !

We stopped at a King's Family Restaurant outside of Pittsburgh. This is Frownie.


We exited PA and entered Ohio. Not much to see - no pictures (well, we also forgot to take them). Very very flat and featureless.

Then we entered Indiana. We stopped for dinner and the night in Fremont, IN. The blurry picture is our really crappy waitress at the Herb Garden Restaurant (otherwise very good). We didn't actually shop at the Butt Hutt.

Back on the road. Yes, that convenience store is really called Gays. We tried to stop at the Wild Winds Buffalo Preserve, but we were too early. (See the hours? Look how early Mandi got up!) We tried to do some sightseeing. The beach is Lake Michigan.
And then ... we saw ... the leg. Actually, we saw a bunch of naked townies on motocycles and golfcarts first. The giant leg sundial is located in a nudist camp in northwest-nowhere, Indiana. We kept our clothes on and the car running.
And then, we entered Illinois. Corn, and wildflower meadows here. We waited for a freight train to cross and then ate lunch in Momence, IL. Every entree in the diner was served with a mainly inedible neon-yellow chicken noodle soup. The motorcyclist (hard to tell from picture), had so much stuff attached to himself/cycle that he looked like an armadillo. Believe it or not, "Kum & Go" is a popular gas chain in the midwest.
And then, we got tired. No photos for awhile. We crossed into Iowa, and ate/stayed in Clive, IA (outside Des Moines). We continued across Iowa the next day, and then crossed into Nebraska. Apparently Omaha is important in the formation of the Union Pacific railroad (we took a picture of the sign to read up on it later...) Sunflower fields in Nebraska ! Mandi was a little obsessed with the hay bales... We stopped for a break at the Buffalo Bill Cody Museum, which for some reason has a robot-like being outside its' entrance. We took a picture of that sign to read later, as well. Oh, and then Mandi got eaten by a bear.
Back on the road. We saw a flatbed truck loaded with fire hydrants. We entered Colorado through some construction, so we couldn't take a picture of the sign, except from afar. Colorado was extremely flat and boring at first. The sky was mainly overcast, which made for easier afternoon driving. Mandi kept promising mountains, and I think she was a bit nervous she had remembered Colorado incorrectly. We finally realized the mountains were hiding in the clouds.
Boulder ! Mandi's apartment !